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The lovely Helen @yarnstreetuk and I met during the March 2020 lockdown in the Yw Virtual Stitch n B*tch, and got talking about the plans she had for 'Yarn Street' - which I was IMMEDIATELY completely excited about!

Her vision for a website (that I think will become the GO TO hub) for the yarn crafting community in the UK totally matched my own for its focus on inclusion.

A couple of clandestine Zoom meetings later, we had the initial ideas mapped out for an Instagram challenge, aimed at encouraging the inclusion we wanted to see across the yarn crafts, while helping people to find out about Yarn Street (Helen tells me the website is coming very soon, and I will update this post when it's LIVE!) and without the sometimes felt pressure of daily posting, that is often the commented upon downside of these posting challenges.

We want to make it easy for you to drop in and out, so we set rules that state this clearly - you have COMPLETE PERMISSION to DO JUST THAT! Use the hashtag so that we can see your posts (and give you a shout out!) and others can find you.

And maybe, especially when times are a bit tough like they are right now, we can help make things a little better and connect others ... after all, it's YARN! What's not to love?

Visit @yarnovember on Instagram to join in the fun.

x Kitey

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