What does the future hold?


#absolutely is the next in my new Mystic 8 Ball collection! A zesty, tropical mix of yellows and 'blow you retinas' magenta that literally takes me back to the 80s (yes, I was there!) .. I am half expecting Tom Cruise to make me a Tequila Sunrise or a delish 'Georgia on my mind' (mmmmmmm ... peach cocktails!)


Wake me up before you go-go!


*This will be a repeated colourway, but due to the techniques used in the dye process, colours will vary slightly throughout the hanks and between batches. Alternate hanks from different dye batches when working up larger projects.


Dye Batch:
  • Pure British 'rare breed' Superwash Wensleydale DK

    Each skein approx. 100g or 225 metres (246 yards)

    Sourced in the UK

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