Snow in London over the past few days (I know, right?!) .. so, I couldn't resist celebrating with a spot of SNOW COLOUR PLAY .. and these beauties are the result!


#DontEatYellowSnow is a SPECIAL ONE OFF batch of SNOW DYED yarn, on my Corriedale Sock 80/20 base. Lots of variation in the hanks due to the technique used .. with every hank being similar, but TOTALLY UNIQUE. You can have a look on my socials for a hi-speed video of the technique, which creates lovely speckles and pops of colour, and gorgeous pastel shades running through each hank.


Only 5 of these will EVER exist .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. GO!


100g Corriedal Sock 80/20


80% Corriedale

20% Nylon

Don't Eat Yellow Snow


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