Who remembers the delicious aniseed hit ... so moreish!
#jellyspogs is the result or my dive back into the #retrosweets kick this week, and I'm addicted all over again as I kind of overdid the prop order for the photoshoot I was planning, and now have 3kg of them (less the handfuls I've been eating whilst on self isolation!)


There are two colourways to choose from, both on Corriedale Sock 80/20 for now at least. Would be perfect made into socks to wear with your jelly sandals or see-through Wellingtons! (they're a thing - I just wish they came in adult sizes!)


*There are plans afoot (sorry, not sorry!) to make this a repeated colourway, but due to the techniques used in the dye process, colours will vary slightly throughout the hanks and between batches. Alternate hanks from different dye batches when working up larger projects.

jelly spogs

Dye Batch:
  • Corridale Sock 80/20% Nylon (for durability) Non-super wash

    Each skein approx. 100g or 400 metres (437 yards)

    Sourced in the UK

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