King of Cups is the second of my new #tarot collections,  shown for the first time at September 2020's Virtual #yorkshireyarnfest!


This collection is available on my new 100% Highland 'Zebra' base - which has beautiful black and white yarn twisted together, producing a natural speckle effect. The yarn is 27 micron and will make deliciously warm shawls or socks!


The King of Cups is said to represent a fair or blond, older male, who is a responsible, honest and kind man. Creative, educated, poetic and artistic ...who on Earth could they be refering to?


Orange and grey,  my favourite colours (well, there are MANY others, but they're up there!) had to be used for this one!


*This will be a repeated colourway, but due to the techniques used in the dye process, colours will vary slightly throughout the hanks and between batches. Alternate hanks from different dye batches when working up larger projects.

King of Cups

Dye Batch:
  • 100% Highland wool (27 micron) NSW

    Black and White yarn

    400m (437yards) per 100g hank

    *Recommend Handwash Only*


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