#koipond is an idea I've been toying with for a while .. a family of individually hand-dyed, and completely unique hanks, linked by common colours. A trip to Hong Kong a few years ago, and the tanks swarming with these revered fish that I saw there, is indelibly inked into my memory.


In Japan, koi represent good fortune or luck and are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength or courage - 'koi' is also a homophone for another word that means affection or love, so they also represent relationships.


Now, I'm introducing 'Showa' to the collection - a black and orange 'small batch' variety


*Due to the techniques used in the dye process, colours will vary slightly throughout the hanks and between batches.

koi pond 'Showa'

Dye Batch:
  • Corridale Sock 80/20% Nylon (for durability) Non-super wash

    Each skein approx. 100g or 400 metres (437 yards)

    Sourced in the UK

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