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*Dyed to Order* - please check all dates & details carefully.


In the heart of a lush, green forest nestled a cosy nest atop a tall oak tree. This wasn't just any nest; it was the home of the most mischievous magpie in the entire woodland. The iridescence of the magpie’s wings shimmered in a mesmerising display of natural artistry with hues of midnight blue, tones of black and glimmers of white.

We watch as the magpie swoops down to the forest floor, drawn by a glimmering object nestled among the foliage—a shiny crochet hook, its surface sparkling like a hidden treasure. With a impish gleam in her eye, the magpie has seized the hook in her beak and whisked it away to her treetop nest.

Intrigued by the magpie's discovery, we follow her as she darts through the trees, her prize clutched tightly in her beak. With each graceful movement, the magpie’s fascination with the hook is evident, her curiosity piqued by its shimmering allure.


🌞 I have joined forces once again with the FABULOUSLY talented crochet designer Heather Gibbs of, in our 7th Dyer/Designer MAL collaboration, the Mischievous Magpie Make Along!


🌞 But, what’s a MAL?

Well, we know you’ve heard of CAL or KAL (crochet or knit along respectively!) or even a Mystery knit along (MKAL) ...

... so, a MAL, or Make ALong, is similar to all of these, with only a couple of differences.


🌞 A make-along is the specific release of a pattern, with all of the details required to make the design, along with a specific start date for everyone to begin their project, TOGETHER!


🌞 The MAL will run from 1st June to 19th July 2024 for a nice, relaxed Spring project with plenty of time for you to make a beautiful & exclusive CROCHETED shawlette ...

All you need is a 3mm crochet hook!


Each kit includes:

* Digital pattern (which will be sent to your purchase email address on 30th/31st May, in time to start together on the 1st June!)

* 1 x 100g / 425m skein of natural Sparkle Sock yarn in an exclusive hand dyed colourway

* 1 x 50g /212m Natural Platinum Sock 75/25 yarn

* 1 x 50g/212m exclusive hand dyed colourway


* An exclusive set of 2 x stitch markers to complement your wip while you work on it (while stocks last) made by the fabulous @MrsGMakes


Follow us on instagram and use the hastags #MagpieMAL #kcacouk #yarnwhisperer to share your makes

Mischievous Magpie MAL kit

Approx 2 week turnaround on pre-orders, but I will keep you updated
  • Sparkle Sock 75% Superwash Merino, 20%  Nylon, 5% Silver Stellina

    Platinum Sock 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon


    Both 425m per 100g skein, 212m per 50g skein

    *Recommend Handwash Only*

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