Swatch Incentive*

Lovely customers,


So ... you bought the yarn. You smelt it (you do that too, right?) and squished it a bit. You've made something fabulous with it and now you have a little yarn left over ... 


What if I said you could put this leftover yarn

towards your next Yw purchase?


The Swatch Incentive* gives you that fabulous opportunity!


Earn a £3 discount voucher to spend on your next Yw yarn purchase by making a simple knitted (stocking/stockinette stitch on 3-4mm needles) or crocheted (UK dc/US sc using a 3/3.5mm hook) swatch.

Check the list here and email or message me to let me know which colourway and type/stitch you will swatch. I will send you my address and once I receive the swatch/swatches you make I will issue the discount code you can use towards your next purchase!

For ease and consistency, the swatch you will make should be the same size as one of my yarn tags - see the picture and the measurements.

Remember, the swatch must be agreed with me ahead of time, so make sure you message or email me BEFORE you use your left over yarn.

x Kitey

* Thanks to Scott at CrystalYarn for allowing me to use his fabulous idea with my customers too!