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Our Yarn Bases

* Available bases are subject to change at any time

All Yw yarns are currently sourced from UK based suppliers

Tapestry Yarns


100% British yarn

25g hanks = 55m/60yds approx

Corriedale Sock 80/20

80% Corriedale 20% Nylon
Full skein = 400m/436yds approx
20g Mini skein  = 80m/87yds approx

Diamond 4ply
80% Superwash Merino 20% Silk

High Twist
Full skein = 365m/399yds approx

Highland 'Zebra'


100% Highland, 27 microns

100g Full skein = 400m/436yds approx




90% Merino 10% Nylon  

100g Full skein = 400m/436yds approx


Sparkle Sock


75% Superwash Merino 20% Nylon 5% Silver Stellina

        100g Full skein = 400m/436yds approx

Tibetan 4ply

60% Merino 20% Silk 20% Yak
100g = 366m/400yds approx

Tibetan DK

60% Merino 20% Silk 20% Yak
100g = 212m/231yds approx


Wensleydale DK

100% Wensleydale

225m approx. per 100g


500g Guernsey 5ply 'Sport'  

240/250m approx. per 100g

(1200/1250m approx. per 500g hank)


262/273 yards approx. per 100g

(1312/1367 yards approx. per 500g hank)

Merino Chunky                  

100m approx. per 100g


Discontinued bases


Kid Silk Lace
72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk
50g Full skein = 840m/918yds approx


Caring for your yarn

Here at Yw, I don't use wool washes or soaks after the dyeing process - therefore I don't introducing any potential allergens with my customers in mind.

I simply soak and wash in water.

If you prefer to use a wash or soak, use a product made for the purpose or a very small amount of gentle detergent, such as baby shampoo.

Some colours bleed a little - it's the nature of the dyes even after soaking and rinsing. Changes in water quality, temperature & pH can all affect the colourfastness of dye colours. Wash darker colours (and reds/pink) seperately where possible and always wash cold. Dry your items flat.

Storing your yarn

Hand-dyed yarn is best kept in skeins and not 'caked' until you're ready to use them. Keep them in a cool, dry place - I tend to bag mine in storage bags with cedar blocks to ensure moths stay away!

Take a few simple steps to protect your Yw yarn investments and ensure they remain in prime condition ready for your next yarnie make!

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